1) Make sure to pick up a beautiful sunny day in the spring for the big spring cleaning. A beautiful day does not necessarily mean a warm day with powerful sunshine and fresh chilling winds. Just the opposite. If you want to enjoy the easiness of cleaning like a pro, a great idea is to leave the spring cleaning for a cloudy day with no winds and a moderate air temperature. This will let you to leave the door and the windows open without worrying for big air currents and the higher risk of breathing volatile cleaning compounds. Moreover, the sunlight enhances the evaporation, but in some cases, it can be dangerous for the delicate fibers of rugs and carpets if you leave them to dry naturally outdoors. The powerful sunlight also causes troubles when cleaning windows, because the sprayed solution dries right after application. Yet that`s only a hint of what to choose a calm cloudy day for the spring cleaning.

2) Pre-vacuum all the floor coverings. This is the fastest and easiest method to get rid of the bigger sand particles, crumbs, dirt, hair, dust, etc. Especially if you have pets, vacuuming the carpets and the rugs is one of the most important things when cleaning. It should be high on your schedule for the big spring cleaning as well. Change the vacuum cleaner bag to enhance the suction power and the cleaning effect, which on the other hand, will make the fibers fluffier and easy for deep cleaning.

3) Make several homemade detergent solutions for different spots and stains on different surfaces. Apply the solutions only onto small and easy for cleaning spots, and left the most soiled areas and objects to a professional cleaning company. Thus, you will save time and efforts while doing the easy things by yourself and letting the professional cleaners do the other part. Some homemade solutions can really make you feel like a pro - for example, cold water and white vinegar are perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors. Hot water, baking soda, shampoo or another degreaser can remove spots from coffee, tea, tomato and other stains onto upholstery objects.

4) Find the best way for deep cleaning carpets and rugs, in advance. This means a thorough inspection of the floor coverings in your house at least a day or so before the big cleaning. One you will know where are located the biggest stains and how many of them you have to deal with, and two it you will have plenty of time to find a perfect carpet cleaning company. Stroll through the sites of the agencies in your region and call to discuss the details. The hot water and steam cleaning systems of the professional cleaners can really make your rugs and carpets look like new, moreover, the professional cleaners know exactly which safe detergent to choose for a flawless effect. Another opt is to use a rental carpet cleaning machine, but make sure to check the labels on the backings of the carpets.

5) Put the objects with wet traces to dry naturally outdoors and in the meantime, clean the appliances in the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. They may need cleaning with a sanitizing agent as well, which is the perfect solution for eliminating pollens, bacteria and other microorganisms. Sanitizing and deodorizing is very important, especially if you have pets and small kids at home.

6) Change the wardrobes, wipe off dust and leave the windows open for a while so to enhance the evaporation even more. Don`t forget to put the enjoyment of your home`s clean look as the last highlight in the spring cleaning schedule too.

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