4 fast facts about tiles and windows cleaning

They are almost the same – super glossy and with a hard surface, but so delicate in the meantime and each has its own unique specifications for cleaning. The tiles have grout and depending on its width, one should pay more attention to the grout lines instead of cleaning the surface of the tiles. On the other hand, the windows have frames and even decorations, which are also delicate and often quite difficult parts to clean. They all require a special treatment whether you buy a professional detergent and professional cleaning tools or you do everything by yourself with the cleaning products that you already have in your home. Let's take a look at the following facts and tricks for cleaning tiles and windows, mirrors, paintings and other objects with glass surfaces.

One: A simple homemade detergent can be used for cleaning or deep cleaning tiles and even those that see the heaviest foot traffic or those in the wet rooms. For instance, let`s take the tiles in the bathroom - they are often everywhere from the walls to the floor and even used as a decoration for some objects with strange shapes. According to the arrangement scheme, you can play with the forms and the colors and after a few months without cleaning - the edges between the walls and the floor become dirty and even their bright colors darken. To deal with the wet conditions in the bathroom and the traces on the tiles, you may just need a bowl of very hot water, a solid amount of baking soda, sea salt or white vinegar. Mix them in the bowl and stir well until every abrasive part completely dissolves. According to the thickness of this homemade detergent, you can treat even the hardest and darkest stains, as well as remove deposits around the sink, the handlers, etc.

Two: For a better cleaning effect when cleaning tiles - get yourself a stiff nylon brush. Typically, the tiled surfaces have grout lines, which width varies according to the arrangement scheme, the colors, the shapes and the size of the tiles. The thinner grout lines actually get stains easier, because the dirt accumulates and sticks in the thinner spaces easier and it`s more difficult for cleaning on the other hand. The larger grout lines are easily cleaned up with every shower or even when rinsed under water. Nevertheless, the stiff fibers of the brush penetrate through even the tiniest grout lines to clean them flawlessly, especially when washed with a solid amount of the homemade detergent.

Three: Windows and glass surfaces are easily cleaned up with a detergent of just water and vinegar. Yet the tiniest amount of vinegar act as a degreaser and it enhances the dissolvent of the stains without damaging the windows. It`s non-abrasive and it`s washed easier with just a towel and water after the cleaning.

Four: Polish the clean tiles and windows so to add an extra layer of protection and to make them look clean for a longer time. A polishing wax from the local store is useful for this activity and in all cases - make sure that it`s non-abrasive. A clean cotton towel with this wax and a lot of scrubbing and dabbing can make your tiles truly shiny, while the grout lines will also be sealed with a thin layer of extra protection. The same applies for the window surfaces, which require a special protective wax.
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