5 tips for shining tiles and grouts during the office cleaning

The big office cleaning adventure should last for only a couple of hours or even less, because time is money. You don't want to overwhelm your colleagues with cleaning procedures and activities, while in the same time the main goal is to achieve a better and refreshed outlook of the office. You can call a special office cleaning company with different crews to clean all the different surfaces and objects with their own specific detergents and tools. On the other hand, for small offices - it may be more convenient to spend one full day in cleaning and sanitizing. Begin with the biggest and the dirtiest objects, and leave the wiping off dust for one last step. Somewhere between the end of the big office cleaning, it's essential to clean all the floors and especially the tiled floors, which are as beautiful as they require some special cares and tips for cleaning.

Next are five of the most famous ones:

1st tip: Pre-vacuum the tiles in every room like in the bathroom or in the dining area. If the entire office flooring is tiled - prepare yourself for a little bit of an adventure. Use a rental vacuum machine or a larger brush to get rid of the biggest sand and dirt particles. It's better to use the brush or the broom before the vacuuming machine, in case of forming clouds of dust and sand while cleaning with the brush. Clean every corner of the tiled floor, under hangers and especially near the thresholds. The areas, which see the heaviest foot traffic, are usually the cleanest ones, because the dirt disperses and accumulates around the calmest areas like the corners and the edges with the walls.

2nd tip: Deep clean tiles and grout by using a scrubber machine for tiled floors. A rental scrubber machine might be useful too. It's the best solution when you want to treat the heaviest stains on the floors and even the darker areas on the grout lines.

3rd tip: Spray an anti-staining coat or a sanitizing agent, or a solution which acts as a protective coat and it sanitizes at once. This is a very important tip, which ensures the longer lasting effect of the clean grout and tiles, as well as solution that prevents the room from volatile unhealthy bacteria and allergens. The tiled floors in the daily used areas should definitely be treated with such a sanitizing or antibacterial spray.

4th tip: If the grout lines are damaged or cracked, or there are very persistent dark stained lines between the tiles - you may need to treat the floor with a silicone-base wax. Apply it directly onto the grout lines and wipe off the excess with a clean towel, while repeating the procedure if needed. The solution acts as a sealer and if applying a little bit more force when wiping it off, you can achieve the original outlook and texture of the grout. The overall look of the tiled floor will therefore become like new. Moreover, the sealer prevents the grout from future staining and cracking - a truly important advantage if the floor's exposed to a direct sunlight. If you want to add other final touches to the cleaning of the tiles, apply a polishing agent to enhance the shine and freshness of the tile colors.

5th tip: Keep the tiled floor clean for a longer time with almost negligible efforts. Make a schedule for everyday or weekly mopping, especially if there are numerous machines and people in the office. Use a universal cleaning detergent when mopping and a deodorizer to make the atmosphere more comfortable for work too.

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