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Guide to keeping your house clean and organised

Keeping your house clean and organised makes it a pleasant and hygienic place for your family to live in. However, trying to keep the house spotless and tidy is not an easy task, it takes away valuable time from your busy schedule. Getting professional cleaners to do...

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Make Your Rugs And Carpets Invulnerable To Stains

First, let’s take a look at the ways and options to get rid of the dirt from the carpets and the rugs.  It’s essential to pre-vacuum before the deep cleaning process. This will help you to reduce the amount of bigger sand particles, food crumbs and other blemishes,...

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Sofa cleaning at home, from A to Z

STEP 1 - Plan Your Time: Give yourself at least a couple of hours or even one full day in the weekend to clean up the sofas and the other upholstery at home. It's important not to rush and to give the deep cleaned spots enough drying time too. STEP 2 - Inspect:...

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Schedule for Carpet Spring Cleaning and more like a Pro

1) Make sure to pick up a warm cloudy day in the spring for the thorough Spring Cleaning, so you can leave the door and the windows open for some fresh air. The sunlight enhances the evaporation, but in some cases, it can be dangerous for the delicate fibers of rugs...

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Keeping The Kitchen In Shape

Home maintenance is a tedious task that rewards you only long term, but it does make the family appreciate the one doing the maintenance more. It is a responsible job that keeps the house clean and the family healthy. But what are the specifics on home maintenance if...

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You Got To Love Your Cooker

For all of you who use your oven at least once a day for baking or cooking a meal, we would like to introduce an easy and chemical free way to clean the oven properly, providing that you are not from the lucky ones who own a self-cleaning oven. The chemical products...

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Best Way To Remove Home Dust And Prevent Allergies

Most people believe their home is the safest place in the world and once in, allergies can’t bother them any more. It doesn't matter how often or how thorough the house is cleaned, some dust will always be present in your home. One of the most important allergens is...

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Declutter Your Home Before The Spring Clean

What your home needs after the long winter is definitely some organising and proper cleaning to welcome the spring. What better motivation to sort out the mess and clutter in your house than the sunshine, blooming trees and fresh scented air coming from the outside....

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