Carpet cleaning – how to deal with the most common types of stains and dirt

Rug and carpet cleaning sounds like an easy job but and it is an easy job. However, there are some tricks, which can improve the cleaning skills (considering the fact that you cannot afford to hire a professional cleaning company each time you wash your carpets) and which will prevent you from the burdens of misused detergents, for example. Here we will give you advice for how to use different types of cleaning agents.

The first advice is to clean your carpets regularly. This means that it is advisory to have them vacuumed at least once a week. However, many people cannot afford to waste time on their carpets every week. So two or three cleans per month will also do a good job for reducing the amount of dust in your home. When you proceed to the cleaning itself, keep in mind that it is a good idea to use only new clean dust bags for your vacuum cleaner. Do not clean only the upper side of the carpet. Pay attention to the other one as well. This will increase the time for cleaning, but will greatly decrease the amount of dust that stays in your carpets. After vacuuming both sides vacuum the floor underneath the carpet too.

Beware with the shampoos and the cleaning agents. They are very good for removing different types of stains but are designed for cleaning synthetic matters. They may hurt your non-synthetic carpets. Here we will give you several tips for how to use various ingredients for cleaners:

1. Ammonia – apply on all kinds of surfaces. Dissolve 1 cup of clear ammonia in 2 litres of warm water and then, using a sponge, remove the dirt.

2. Baby wipes – they are ideal for removing coffee stains.

3. Beer – although this may come as a surprise for you, beer can help you in resolving the problem with some types of stains, like the stains from coffee or tea. However, the beer literally dissolves them – just pour several drops of it upon the stain and rub them very gently. Then, using a dry towel or rag, carefully remove the stain.

4. Borax – it is ideal for cleaning synthetic matters. The borax is able of dissolving various types of stubborn and/or old stains.

5. Cornstarch – it can be applied for cleaning one of the biggest nightmares for each person – the drops of ink on your carpet.

6. Salt – salt can help you clean wine and various other different greasy stains.

7. Shaving cream – spilling juice on the carpet could be a nightmare. But this problem can easily be resolved using only shaving cream.

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