Too Busy After Work Enjoying Life? You'd Rather Drink Your Morning Coffee In Peace Than Do Ironing? If You Find That Lots Of Clothing Is Piling Up, ​​​​CALL US And We Will Sort It Out.

Save Up On Time And Money.

Luxenta Cleaning provide ironing on professional level to help your clean and neat everyday look. Save up on dry cleaning and use our Ironing Service as a part of the Domestic Cleaning or book separately.

Professionally Trained Service Providers.

Luxenta Cleaners are trained to iron 8/10 shirts per hour. The job will be delivered on time and with the agreed price.

No wrinkles left after we are done. Your shirts and clothing will look as new. All fabrics are treated according to the labels to avoid any damage. Trust our specialists to hang and carefully fold your clothing.

Reliable House Cleaners:

Carefully Selected And Interviewed Individuals

Courteous And Friendly

Knowledgable And Committed

Vetted And Insured

Professionally Trained And Experienced

Instructed In Safe And Secure Key Holding Policy

Inducted In Health And Safety

Initially Trialled By The Customer

What Do You Get?

Ironing and folding of shirts, T-shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, underwear and socks, bedding, towels, table clothes and all else upon request.

Minimum 2 hours per booking (only Ironing service)

No time limit as part of Regular Domestic cleaning

Specialist's helpful advise

Ironing Guidelines:

8-10 Shirts / 1 hour

1 set of Bed linen / 30 minutes

10 pair of Jeans, Trousers / 1 hour

Professional Advice:

Always check the garments labels to set up the right temperature on the iron, depending on the fabric.

Buy special iron water, use demineralised or deionised water or simply boil your tap water to prevent your iron of getting blocked up. Clean your iron regularly to avoid stains on your clothes.

Smooth persistent creases with a homemade ironing spray, mixing equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Easy iron 100% cotton garments when they are still damp.

Iron around all decorative objects on the garments and turn them inside out.

Save up some time! Put a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover so you get the effect of ironing from both sides at once.