Cleaning The Whole Property By Yourself Is A Hard And Arduous Task And You Would Be Surprised How Big Of A Job That Is!
Focus On All Other Logistics Related To The Whole Process And Leave The Cleaning To The Professionals.

Whether You Are Moving In Or Out, Luxenta Cleaning Can Provide The Professional Cleaning At Cost Effective Prices.

Luxenta Cleaning provide a thorough professional clean, designed especially for rented properties, where the whole property and all appliances are done top to bottom, inside and out to a highest level of hygiene.

The service is also suitable on the occasions when you are selling your property and want to give it a glam look or when you are moving into your new property and require a deep sanitation.

It is vital that your End of Tenancy Cleaning is done right before the move out inventory, so BOOK NOW with Luxenta Cleaning to GET BACK YOUR DEPOSIT.

Our supervisor on site will inspect the work to the tiniest detail. Any shortcomings can be redone FREE OF CHARGE within our 48 hours Landlord's Guarantee.

Our Professional Cleaning Team.

It is to your advantage to arrange a thorough end of tenancy clean and meet all the responsibilities in your tenancy agreement otherwise you may have a hard time winning back your tenancy deposit.

Depending on the size of the property and cleaning requirements we send a team of two, three or more cleaners.

We kindly ask all your personal belongings to be moved out of the property before the scheduled cleaning day so we can focus on the cleaning process, without any complications. For an immaculate deep clean we require that the hot water and electricity are running as normal.

Reliable House Cleaners:

Carefully Selected And Interviewed Individuals

Courteous And Friendly

Knowledgable And Committed

Vetted And Insured

Professionally Trained And Experienced

Inducted In Health And Safety

Affordable Prices And Transparent Quotation

Price is important and so is transparency in all dealings. With Luxenta Cleaning, we let you know up front our Quotation based on the property size and the cleaning task list.

We advise on the sufficient cleaning time, cleaning process, required cleaning supplies so best results are achieved. We keep you updated during the cleaning and discuss with you if any changes occur due to unforeseen circumstances, so we proceed as per your convenience.

What Are Your Benefits?

Flexible Schedule Options

Affordable And Reasonable Prices

FREE Oven Deep Clean

Windows Thoroughly Cleaned Internally

15% OFF Carpet And Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Supplies

48 hours Landlord's Guarantee

Following A Successful Check Out And Deposit Returned In Full, Customers Book Our Domestic Cleaning Service On A Regular Basis, Taking Advantage Of Our Special Offers.

Professional Advice

Get Back Your Full Secure Deposit:

Ensure that any damage caused by you is repaired or replaced.

Look for any scuffs or dirty marks on the walls:

If it is not possible to wash them off, paint them over with some emulsion of the same colour. This is worth doing if there are a lot of marks, otherwise your landlord may decide to decorate and bill you for the cost!

Check for nail holes - If you hanged any pictures or decorations on the walls, fill them with wall filler putty and paint over.

Clean all the mould (if any) and inform your landlord about the problem. Do not paint over the mould – let the landlord do that, but try your best to remove it. Bleach is the most reliable and efficient cleaning detergent against mould. Use a breathing mask and gloves when you use such strong cleaning chemicals.

Tidy up the garden and check the exterior/entrance:
Sweep up leaves and dirt , keep the flower beds in good order (where applicable), mow the lawns and clean the shed (if required).



​​​​​​​ clean cupboards top to bottom, inside and out
clean all surfaces and tiles
all kitchen appliances on counter
deep clean hob and cooker, extractor fan
clean fridge and freezer
clean kitchen sinks and tiles
disinfect dishwasher and washing machine
wipe tables and chairs
wipe and clean kitchen bin


​​​​​​​ clean all surfaces and tiles
clean bathroom cabinets
polish mirrors and shower glass
clean all bathroom appliances
​​​​​​​ clean toilet bowl inside and out
clean toilet brush
wipe and clean bin

All surfaces dusted and polished
​​​​​​​ All mirrors and glass areas polished
Sofas and furniture cleaned and moved around
Wardrobes, chest of drawers, nightstands in- and outside
Front door, porch area cleaned in- and outside

Marks on walls and doors (where possible)
Skirting boards, radiators, floors (hoovered and mopped)
Ceilings and cobwebs dusted (where reachable)
Clean light switches and light shades
Windows and window frames inside ( outside extra charge)

PLEASE NOTE: The Move in/out Standard Task List is subject to Size, Condition of the property and sufficient allocated time.

INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS: The Task List can be customised based on your individual requirements and/or the check in inventory as a guide. Please clarify if there are any specifics regarding your property.

CLEANING QUOTE: For more accurate Quotation CONTACT US with full information about the property.

CLEANING SUPPLIES: All cleaning supplies are included in the price for the End of Tenancy Cleaning. Optional, all supplies can be provided by the client.